Chand Portrait final

Chand Singh, Director

Rani Care is a social enterprise, registered as a community interest company.

We specialise in Homecare and Support Services to older people aged 55 and over. Our services are available to all ethnic groups although we specialise in providing care to the South Asian communities and their specific cultural and religious needs.

We provide our services so that South Asian Elders can lead independent and fulfilling lives from within the comfort of their home, improving quality of life and enabling elders to stay in their own homes.


have thirty years of experience working within the varied communities of London and Leeds. The drive to start my own 'Homecare' business came from a desire to develop a care service to older people from South Asian Communities that is truly culturally sensitive, accessible and meets the growing care needs of our elders. I believe that to achieve this, it is fundamental that we understand and respect the diverse nature of all communities. The basic principles of what is important to each of us and our values.

There is a strong sense of obligation within the South Asian Communities to the ‘ideals’ of our cultural tradition to ‘look after our own’. To be seen as not fulfilling obligations can feel disloyal and bringing shame on our families. We can overcome these barriers by having an open and honest dialogue that enables people to acknowledge some of the difficulties faced by elders and to embrace change to bring about a positive outcome for all concerned.

We are committed to working in ways to bring about the desired outcome for the individual needing care, their carers and their families.


Culturally Sensitive Approach

We have care staff from a South Asian background and who can speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and Bengali as well as English. We will visit you in your home and carry out an assessment of your needs. This will be done with you in the language of your choice so you are able to express what you need and make the right decisions about your own care. We will ask you about any religious or cultural expectations that you would like us to be mindful of whilst we are in your home.

We know that everyone is different and will not assume that ‘one size fits all’ and so the services provided to you will be tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances and led by you.